The program has 2 parts: a memory test and a stimulating sounds generator. First, we recommend you to do the test to see how good your memory is.

Memory test

Press the "+" button on the tab "My tests" if you'd like to take the test.

The test consists of 3 series. In each series you have to remember 16 words and reproduce them in 30 seconds. After that the total percentage of the words you’ve remembered is calculated. You can see your results in the "Statistics" tab of the main program window or in the context menu (in the list of the tests you’ve done). Press and hold the necessary test line to see the menu.

Enter the words using lowercase letters, one word per a cell. After entering a word, press "+". Touch the cell with the word needed to correct the spelling.

When you’ve finished the series, press
To cancel the test, press
Memory stimulation part (stimulating sounds generator) Press if you’d like to start the sound stimulation

See the list of different audio frequency sets. Choose the set you’d like to listen to and press "Choice" button. Next, click "Start" button and use the slider for set a suitable sound level.

After 10 listening sessions (1 session includes listening to sets "Memory 1" – "Memory 4") take the test once again and compare results. It is better to take the test at the same time of the day in a quiet environment, preferably in the morning or after a nap.